"If it feels weird,
do it more."

Liz Allen, IO

The supportive and safe environments encouraged by our improv comedy workshops and classes are the perfect place for anyone to have fun, create scenes and characters and surprise themselves by what they're capable of.

Whether you have an urge to perform on stage, or just like the idea of meeting some lovely people and having a go - improv can be liberating, confidence building and just plain fun. Oh and we usually go to the pub afterwards, of course we bloody do. In the slightly misquoted words of Alan Partridge, JOIN US!

Beginners / Intermediate Level Improv Comedy

At Chantry Hall, Norwich, Norfolk

10 week course from 21st September 2016, 7-9pm Wednesday evenings, at Chantry Hall in Norwich.

This course will start you off into the world of improv or build on your previous experience. During the 10 week course, you will learn or refresh the fundamentals of improv and push into some of the more advanced skills and techniques of shortform improv.

The course is suitable for people with no improv experience at all, as well as people with a some improv / acting / comedy experience.

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Upcoming Shows:

The Dog House, 24th August, 8pm

Come and watch the "Dogface Allstars" pluck comedy gold out of thin air in front of your very eyes.
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