Rebecca MacMillan Workshops

This September, we are delighted to have Rebecca MacMillan visiting to teach two classes on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th.

Rebecca is an improv performer, teacher and coach who has been improvising for 15 years, and currently performs with the acclaimed Maydays, Impromptu Shakespeare and the Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes.

If you want to pay by instalments, or have any questions, just email

Workshop 1: Creating character and point of view

Saturday 9th September from 10am-5pm - venue TBC, will be city centre Norwich

When you are on stage, who are you? How do you make choices about and become the character you are playing? How can you create a character with a point of view and physicality that’s very different from your own, but still have it feel real and natural?

I have been exploring improvisation techniques for character and point of view for well over a decade, collecting methods from a wide range of improvisation theatres and companies from both the US and UK, and developing my own approaches to character work which recognise that different kinds of performers are more comfortable with different approaches to ‘not being themselves’ on stage.

When you are performing and are truly ‘in character’ the experience becomes easy as you don’t have to ‘think’ what your character would do next or how they would say something. It just happens! The aim of the workshop is give you a palette of ways to create instantly recognisable characters - from very realistic to the absurd and everything in between.

Suitable for anyone with improvisation or other performance experience, this workshop is useful for actors - both professional and amateur - and improvisers alike.

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Workshop 2: Long Form, Beyond the Basics

Sunday 10th September from 2pm-5pm - venue TBC, will be city centre Norwich

For people with some long form experience who are keen for more, this workshop is designed to help you produce great scene-work, which is the core of long form improvisation. A palette of techniques tailored to the participants' experience level and strengths, and some sensitive side-coaching will help guide you towards more confident, responsive, captivating improv that feels more like fun and less like hard work!

Suitable for people with some long form experience.

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