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Andrew Rodgers

June 6th 2017

Danny and Chris chat to Andrew Rodgers of: Left foot First The Pretty Faces and Maybe Lex. Peoples Improv Theatre, NYC

Heather Urqhart

May 15th 2017

Danny and Chris chat to Heather Urquhart about her life as an improviser and the UK improv scene. Heathers Website Showstopper The Maydays

Molly Merwin

April 18th 2017

Danny and Chris chat to Molly Merwin about the improv scene in the UK, making the jump from short to long form, the Slapdash festival and other stuff to boot. Molly on Twitter: The Nursery: Slapdash Festival: Suggestions for scenes:

Will Hines - Part Two

February 21st 2017

Chris and Danny chat to Will Hines and discover some of his thoughts and advice on the practical side of learning improv. We also have a clip from surreal improv group James and I. Wills Website: Wills Book:…ok/dp/B01GIP5OTW James and I: Chicago Improv Workshops in Norwich, April 2017:

Will Hines - Part One

January 13th 2017

Chris and Danny chat to Will Hines, improv coach at UCB LA and author of the excellent "How to be the greatest improviser on earth". Wills Website: Buy his book (you should, it's proper good)

Rob Norman

October 11th 2016

In episode 2, Chris talks to Rob Norman of the backline podcast and Second City in Toronto about fear, cruises and setting people on fire (amongst other things). Also we have audio improv from BonImprov and interesting sounds from People like Us. The Backline Podcast (The testosterone infused improv juggernaught) Mantown Improvising Now (Robs papery book) Dogface Improv (details of intro to long form weekend) Bon Improv People Like Us Improv Suggestions

Micah Philbrook

September 18th 2016

In our very first episode, Chris finds the room with the squeakiest door in London and talks to Micah Philbrook of Second City about improv, life and burritos. Les Mannequins: The Tim and Micah Project: The Second City: That Sunday Show:

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