Liz Peters Workshops

This November, we are delighted to have Liz Peters visiting to teach two classes on Sunday 19th.

Liz has been performing and teaching improvisation around the world for many years and is Artistic Director of award-winning improv company The Maydays.

The workshops cost £30 each, or £50 to attend both.

If you want to pay by instalments, or have any questions, just email

Workshop 1: Play Your Instrument

Sunday 19th November from 10am-1pm - George Carver Court, Northfields, Norwich

Hey, yo! Is that body of yours just a taxi that transports your witty brain around? Then you’re missing a trick!

The body is our primary communication tool: a transmitter and receiver. Our physicality directly affects both the way we feel and are perceived. But we tend to get stuck in habitual patterns, a bit like having a piano and only playing 5 of the notes. By developing body awareness we can access a whole symphony of thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

This session will help you expand your character range and choices, as well as open your awareness to how you can use your physicality to change your mind, onstage and off.

So why just be a talking head, when you’ve got so much more to play with? As Baz Luhrmann says ‘Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it. It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own’. So let’s play…

Book single workshop for £30 Book both workshops for £50

Workshop 2: Human Circuits

Sunday 19th November from 2pm-5pm - George Carver Court, Northfields, Norwich

Great improv has the power to make us both laugh and cry.

This is always a result of the CONNECTION between players. Interesting scenes are not about a hilarious anecdote, they are about this specific relationship in this specific moment.

We all bring something different to the stage and the millions of possibilities for a scene are crystallised into a unique circuit between ourself and our scene partner. When we slow down and pay attention to this circuit, our improv becomes exciting, raw and believable. It causes the audience to be affected by our work and allows us, as improvisers, to create authentic, electric and uniquely touching art.

Book single workshop for £30 Book both workshops for £50

Liz graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2001 and has been performing and teaching improvisation around the world for many years.

She is Artistic Director of award-winning company The Maydays (celebrating their 13th birthday this year!) and is part of Ohana - The European Improvisers Project. Liz is the creator and host of Unplanned Cabaret, also performs with The Concept (an improvised concept album), The Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure and regularly guests in other productions. She was nominated Best Female Performer at Brighton Fringe Awards for her solo musical comedy show.

In addition to improv, Liz is a certified Embodied Facilitator and coaches people to feel more at ease onstage and off. On her YouTube channel ‘Bonafide Human Club’, Liz shares tips from the fields of improvisation and embodiment to help people enjoy life more.