Bendy House is an improv duo from Dogface Improv.

Where will Bendy House take you today? Will it be the kitchen sink of a Romford semi? The weather control arm of the civil service on the planet Zarg? The inner thoughts of the last two out of date Twixes in a long abandoned vending machine? Two people, two chairs, no script, one collective mind and infinite possibilities.

"When we went in I was worried that they would peak with giving out the Custard Creams. Although the biscuits were very good the show was much better! Excellently executed by two talented artists. Some lovely laugh out loud moments and insightful comedy. Highly recommended if you want to spend a funny and innovative hour."
— Brian Birtles, Edinburgh fringe audience member, 2017
"I was gripped by the emotional drama of Shirley and her black forest gateau."
— Helen Rye, Jurnets bar, Norwich audience member, 2017

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Bendy House performed 13 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe from 14th-26th August 2017 at C Royale (venue 6)

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